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Big Bang 2022

Big Bang 2022: Radical Reset

To set again or anew; to change the reading of, often to zero.

After 3 years of waiting to be with the @bigpicturelearning fam IRL, we finally gathered in Florida. It’s been an incredibly busy but cup filling few days for me: travelling, DJing, advising, presenting, leading, learning, connecting, reflecting, partying and resting.

Every moment was meaningful. I experienced a spectrum of emotions from excitement, joy, awe, nervousness, sadness, grief, relaxation, inspiration and hope. Being a queer non-binary filipinx working and playing in a decadent resort and tourist destination, in a state that is actively attempting to silence and erase queer identities set up the context of complex mixed emotion for me. This week at work was about being present with my fellow educational warriors and healers, by holding space and taking up space.

Dr. Chris Emdin presented the final keynote, and as usual rocked the mic no holds bar. Powerful stuff my friends. Here were some of my favourite moments…

🌊 Emdin started with a quote from writer Anaïs Nin, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

🌊 “Risks without vision is a mathematical revolution.”

🌅 These quotes reminded me that growth and change can be terrifying, but if we are able to plan in mutuality with our community we can transmute our fear into spiritually fortifying educational experiences for our students.

🌊 “Who are you? Whose are you? What generational curses do you have to break? Are you culturally relevant? Students should experience ‘the right to be here.’ You give that to children, but first you have to give it to yourself.”

🌊 “The tools to transform these young folks is inside the young students and in their culture (their roots) not within institutionalised knowledge.”

🌊 “What words are you speaking over the lives of your students?”

🌅 These quotes reminded me that if I don’t fill my own cup, heal my trauma and remember my ancestral strength I am bound to recreate oppressive situations for myself and my students.

🌊 “Relationships move at the speed of trust.”

🌊 “You can’t sign up to teach and then say, well this is too much. You either about this life or not.”

🌅 These quotes reminded me that maintaining and improving authentic relationships, rigour, and relevance remain at the core of high quality educational experiences.

Maraming salamat to…

🌊the BPL fam for inviting @mickey.breeze Gary Hook and I to DJ this year! For organising the best education conference in the world.

🌊 my sibling in justice, Co-Creation Cypher co-presenter and fellow Aries dance floor fire starter Niki @kikzz for holding it down with me all week and at work.

🌊 my coworkers, old and new BPL network friends, and my first ever Big Bang advisory for our deep, authentic and meaningful conversations.

🌊 the artists at Wynwood Walls, the staff at the Diplomat Resort, and the community of Hollywood, FL for your hospitality.

🌊 all the speakers, award recipients and performers in the Grand Ballroom for sharing their inspiring gifts

Our liberation is bound to one another, however we need to actively work in mutuality with Indigenous, Queer and female voices.

“I know there is more to life than sitting at home than sitting at home polishing the furniture. I know ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments.” - Anaïs Nin

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