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Into Our World presented by Art Holm no. 8

Into Our World presented by Art Holm no. 8

September 22-24, 2023

Manitoba Museum - Alloway Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Co-created by Maribeth “Kilusan” Tabanera and 393 Dance Troupe consisting of Dana Lance, Mickey Thai, and Jr Manaligod. Mentorship by Dammecia Hall and with special guest performance by rapper EHV from Toronto. Their performance delved deep into the intricacies of the human experience – mental health, grief, loss, and the quest for purpose through art and community. They break the silence surrounding these challenging topics, using dance as a universal language to heal, connect, and understand. Thank you for joining us on this profound journey through dance, where we discover the power of human connection and the resilience of the human spirit. Welcome to our dance of the soul.

Into Our World Choreographer / Artist: Maribeth “Kilusan” Manalaysay Tabanera

Artist: Mickey Thai

Artist: Dana Lance

Artist: Jr Manaligod

Mentor: Dammecia Hall 

Guest Artist: EHV

Artistic and Executive Director: Alex Elliot

Production Manager: Hazel Venzon

Stage Manager: Emily Solstice Tait

Visual Developer + Set Designer: David Oro

Lighting Designer: Max Mummery

Sound + Technology Director: Eusebio Lopez-Aguilar

Sound Apprentice: Joshua Pagtalunan

Technical Director: Eric Bossé

Promotion + Marketing: Erica Urías

Front of Holm: Carolin Schroeder, Denby Perez

ASL Interpreter: Jordan Wynychuk, Meg Toews

Production Crew + Operator: Hosh Ranville

Production Crew: Bearchild Harper, TL Kosinski

Videograper: Kelechi Asagwara

Photographer: Pablo Riquelme

Counsellor: Natasha Torres-Garner


Canada Council for the Arts / Conseil des Arts du Canada

Manitoba Arts Council / Conseil Des Arts du Manitoba

Winnipeg Arts Council

Manitoba Museum

Video Pool Media Arts Centre

U’ N I Productions

Studio Sari Sari

Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba

Good Neighbour Brewing Co.

Ron Paul Garden Centre

Graffiti Art Programming Inc.

Studio 393

Kilusan Productions

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