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Anti-Asian Racism Undone

On Saturday, May 29th, I was part of Anti-Asian Racism Undone where a group of activists, academics and artists responded to Asian Canadian realities and discourses made urgent by the recent rise of anti-Asian violence, against a backdrop of long standing systemic injustices. I spoke on the “Pulse of the Moment” Please watch the FULL VIDEO

On our youth and their health: “Many of our Asian students live in multigenerational homes, with parents and grandparents working in essential service, health care, and many other public facing jobs. Our youth are taking care of their younger siblings and elders when we have been in virtual learning or they are working essential service jobs to help their families, thus also putting themselves into greater risk. I worry about the mental health of youth because the discussion around the topic in BIPOC families is still taboo, in developmental stages, or worst completely off the table. What I have observed is that our youth are scared to express themselves or are often leading the conversation about mental health. So as adults we must give them space, listen, learn, and take action. We are asking a lot of young people right now, so we must offer them as much support as we can, when we can!”

On Bill 64: “The passing of this bill will certainly ensure that those parents from working-class, Indigenous, refugee, immigrant and single-parent households will be much less likely to have their voices heard and needs met. This bill is anti-Democratic, anti-BIPOC, discriminatory and a danger to our racialized students and their families. What the community needs from the government is a multi-pronged anti-poverty strategy, not more standardized tests that kill our children’s spirit and passion for learning.” Education Minister Cliff Cullen claims that those speaking out against Bill 64 are just a “vocal minority,” let's show him what’s really up. Sign the petition before Legislature breaks for summer tomorrow!

On the future: “We must continue to prioritize taking care of ourselves, our families, friends, and community. I urge you to continue to do whatever it is (COVID-SAFE) that makes you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well. When these domains are in a state of balance and abundance, we can experience hope, and use it as our vehicle to move us forward into a brighter future!”


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